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One week left till month 3 - some help?



So its one week left till i complete 3 months on 40mg. In the last few weeks ive been getting spots :pray:

Yday I got a new one on my cheek under the eye part im so depressed its bug red ands it hurts, Last week I got 3 painful spots on my cheek in a row at the same time! :cry:

So it hasnt been great latley ive been getting spots again. I dont really understand why but doing research ive read alot of people still get spots by month 3 and since im on such a low dose it goign to take longer to stop. I feel so depressed right now again. I ahve so many red marks left argh i really feel down in the dumps.

Has anyone experienced spots in month 3 wen on 40mg plus those of you on accutane did anyone manage to get rid of their red marks while on accutane and how?

thanks so much



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