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Day 120 One more Month to GO!!



Mood: :pray:

Day: 120

I just popped in my last pill in my blister pack! I'm starting my new and last pack tomorrow~~ that means i have 30 more days to go....I'm so excited!

I'm so excited to be done...my lips are getting sooo chapped...I moisturize my lips and constantly put on aquaphor/ carmex but I need to put it on every 10 min. The closer you get to finishing the more chapped ur lips get it seems. As for my face...I'm not completely satisfied yet. I've seen pics of other ppl on here when they are about 120 days but it seems like most have flawless skin by this time, but it doesn't seem like i do =( I still have lots of red marks and the scarring is still there....

The red marks are fading day by day though...I guess i just have to be patient. But as you all know, it's hard. It's such a slow, gradual process.

About 5 days ago, I broke out on my forehead..thank goodness it wasn't a cystic breakout, it was just a lot of small bumps. It was very strange bc i never broke out like that...my forehead was normally acne free. I think it was because i used Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma...not using that again! The Dr. Perricone Acne Toner seemed to help with the breakouts. Now, all my small bumps are gone, like it never was there before! =)

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but it looks like my pores are englarged especially after i wash my face...in the morning is when i notice my face at it's purest! It looks sooo smooth and less red.

My knee hurt a bit before but now it's a lot better! I keep on getting the hand rash but it doesn't bother me much...

Not much to report, except that i'm 100% clear now!!

Good luck to everyone on Accutane...just be patient and believe....


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