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first blog :)



Well I have finally made one of these things! I wish I would have made one when my skin was really bad...but for the last two months or so it's been about 97% clear!!

So my story is...I'm a 22 year old female nursing student who has been suffering with acne since I was 13. My skin type is OILY and pretty sensitive. I would always break out on my chin, especially on the sides of it. I also broke out on my forehead sometimes and a little bit on my cheeks every now and then. There was never a day when I didn't have like 4 big ugly pimples on my face, but sometimes it got to like 8 or 10. I was VERY self conscious about my skin and always tried to cover it up with makeup...a little too much when I was in high school. Still a little too self conscious to go out in public without makeup. Anyways, I had tried just about everything...all the cleansers, toners, and lotions in wal-mart, and a lot of perscription topical medications from the doctor. NOTHING worked. I also tried Proactiv when I was in high school and the bp made my face dry (but oily at the same time?) and red and it buurned so bad! So I stopped proactiv and just kept trying a lot of different stuff...Paula's Choice, EVERYTHING by Neutrogena, and even Doxycycline. I actually tried Tetracycline I think first, but it made me itch constantly everywhere, so I switched to Doxy. This seemed to help a lot for about two years..and then I built a resistance to it. I started to get the inflammatory acne and the painful cystic acne on my chin and forehead. Sooo I decided to try the Ortho-Tricyclen because I had heard it was good for acne, even though I loved the Seasonale I was taking because I only had a period every three months. I got on Triness because it's the cheaper generic and the first couple of months were HELL. I cried over everything...I was constantly nauseated the first week of the packs...and my skin seemed to get worse. I called my doctor and said I wanted off and she said to try it for another month or two and that it should get better after 3-4 months. She was right! No more nausea, weird mood swings, and my skin was looking better! Also, while I was starting the Trinessa, I wanted to try the Proactiv one more time..just to see if the newer version was actually gentler like it says. It was okay..used it for about a month but the BP still made my face really red and irritated. Finally, my doctor found a newer gentle topical medication called Aczone, so I replaced the BP lotion with that and have stuck to that for about 3 months. My skin has never been better!! I've never felt more confident in my life! I don't really have any pictures of me when my skin was bad without makeup...I was way too self conscious for that. But I can take pictures of my face now if anybody is interested? I still have some scars and red marks...I don't really know how to get rid of that except just let it fade with time.

Sorry this thing is soo long but it feels so good to tell my story! Good luck to everybody!


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