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The cyst and baking soda exfoliation



After reading through many reviews and posts I decided to try a baking soda exfoliation. Since I still needed to wash my face I just mixed a tablespoon into my cleanser. The result was a very fine, gentle exfloliant. Nice.

I gently scrubbed my face, neck and chest for about a minute and rinsed. Immediately after my skin felt really smooth. It didn't feel particularly dry. About ten minutes post scrub, however, my face was veeeeerrrrry dehydrated.

Typically, as per the regimen, I would slather my face in BP after my bedtime washing, but I felt that would be a bit risky considering. Instead I opted for my Neutrogena AHA moisturizer, which I don't use very often as it makes my skin feel greasy.

When I woke up my face still felt really smooth and soft, but it was also still a bit dry. I really didn't expect that. Usually my skin is a hot mess after I use the AHA moisturizer. (Must have been pretty dry to have absorbed all that.) I applied some witch hazel and then a light moisturizer.

I can see some peely spots that weren't there before. Also, my entire face is red. It's like a mask, which is less annoying to me than splotchiness. It's kind of nice to have an even skin tone even if I resemble a tomato.

The good news is my spots are drying up as well. It's too soon to say whether it really helps. I'll try it again after my skin regains some of it's moisture. I think it has potential. I read someone mixes it into olive oil to minimize the drying. I think I'll give it a try.

Now, the cyst. The swelling is completely gone. All the goo seems to be gone, as well. Now it's a very red lesion. Not the prettiest thing to look at but it's well on in the healing process. That's impressive. I'm not sure if it's entirely because of the peroxide. I also used BP, toothpaste and then the baking soda. Still, the hydrogen peroxide did help. I won't say for sure that it's worth it at this point. Guess that depends on how long this redness lasts because it's pretty intensely red.

I have another cyst forming on my chin. It's still rather small so I'm not going to poke at it just yet.


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