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Week 22, Day 148



Wow, haven't been on for a while. It had been taxing writing blog entries because my skin doesn't change much in just a day anymore. I've kind of gotten used to it. My dark spots are definitely disappearing though.

Something I've noticed,

I get these raised colorless bumps now and then on my face that don't seem to go away. I get them all over my shoulders too and its annoying. I might do some research to see what they are. They're usually the same size or bigger than other acne.

And in the right light I can see just how craggy the surface of my skin is on my cheeks now that everything has cleared up or is really close to clearing up. Its so sad :\

But yes, haven't gotten a whitehead in a while even though I have itched my face.

And after forgetting to take the BP to disneyland I DID breakout, it just took a while to surface. It didn't bother me much if at all though, I was proud of myself. I had them mostly on my nose. I think I was cool with it because I knew exactly why it happened and that it wouldn't be around for long :|

The best part about have good skin is that using the Regimen isn't bothersome like I thought it would be, its routine. Not using it just feels weird to me.

Oh yeah and I got my permit last tuesday. I had an appointment but only saw "tuesday" and didn't see the date was for the week after last tuesday and showed up. They gave me a normal ticket in sympathy and I got called up in like five minutes miraculously (my dad had estimated it would take 3 to 4 hours) Missed five questions but I had to miss 8 to fail so I passed!

My picture's going to suck butt though. I was real sick that day and didn't know they'd take my picture XDD




I know. {victory dance}


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