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Experiment with hydrogen peroxide



I developed a cyst a few days ago, after being cyst free for three weeks, I might add. I used a dab of honey to relieve the pain and that did it's job, but nothing helped to shrivel the monster.

I was staring into the medicine cabinet, contemplating put more BP on the spot when I noticed the hydrogen peroxide. Hmm. I figure it's peroxide so what can it hurt? I checked the reviews, though, just to be sure. Oodles of reports of positive results.

I cleaned a needle and poked the cyst and then I used a q-tip to apply the peroxide. There was minimal stinging and some bubbling. I checked back several hours later and noticed the swelling had gone down significantly and a head was now visible. Yucky, yes, but it's progress. I applied more peroxide and a dot of toothpaste in an attempt to draw the yuck out.

Just checked on the beast again and most of the swelling now gone and a nasty splotch is left. There was some oozing. Again, it's yucky, but it's part of the process. I just accomplished in one day what usually takes seven to ten. Still, it's too soon to tell. I'm curious to see it tomorrow.

I also noticed another cyst forming on my chin. What is that about? My period is three weeks away so I doubt that is the cause. I'm going to try 70 mg of zinc for a couple of days and see it that helps. I have a party to go to Saturday, dammit!

Perhaps tonight is the night to try baking soda as an exfoliant. Hope I don't make this worse...


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