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Week 6 completed!



So apparently it's already been six weeks since I started accutane. Man time flies. Anyways, so my skin. hmph. By this time I was hoping for alot more resluts than I'm seeing... my left cheeck scars seem to be getting worse, and I have two cystic pimple within the mess of scars, so I have been wearing makeup to cover all this crap up (Vichy dermablend) but of coarse I am just breaking out even worse. I have many little bumps on both of my cheecks and two large inflamed pimples on my forhead which I have popped two nights in a row but continually come back. grrrr. My lips are so very dry, and I have developed a nasty habit of peeling them. I am still on 20mg a day, but when my 8 weeks is complete I've scheduled an app with my derm to ask him to put me up to 40mg for my last two months. I am seriously needing nice skin, I do not know how much more my pride can take! I have yet to get my period this month, and if I don't get it this month I'm going to need to see my doctor because I didn't get it last month as well (May). I'm not going to both writing the 'condition of skin' blurb because I have just done it! I hope by next week I see a little more improvment. :|


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