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Quick update:

I've been eating and drinking raw and organic for the past couple weeks, but yesterday I decided to really change my lifestyle 100%, attitude and all.

No more cleansers and chemicals only 100% Pure Raw Organic Honey, a GOOD ATTITUDE, and the occasional honey/avocado or honey/banana mask. I ALREADY see a difference, I'm not kidding.

My skin is peeling off! It's shedding it's old skin and starting fresh!

My fiance is flying in tomorrow night. I haven't seen him in a few weeks so I'm very excited :| We're going to the courthouse to finish our marriage papers. Next time I update I'll be a taken lady!


My skin is a little dry right now, so I made a raw, organic honey and banana mask today. Felt great, tasted even better :)

I'm not going to let this infection/skin condition control my life any more! :)

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Hi, I've been reading some of your last posts and read your original thread with your issue - your picture really highlighted how incredible skin and skin conditions can really be! Happy to hear your feeling and looking better! But to be honest, as severe a short term problem as it is - it is only that - a short term issue. It really does seem like a random outbreak, possibly hormonal, but with the right treatment (which it looks like you are reaching) then it'll be gone in no time.I'm 20 and in my 2nd year of university, and since I was 17 in college and until now I've been using so many different treatments for moderate acne marks that had yet to fade after early spots formed. I went from blotchy, scattered blood red marks across my cheeks to thankfully now what is completely baby's ass clear skin - albeit with a little blushy redness - which is weird for a guy lol.But all in all, seeing your earlier picture of how you generally look (which is very pretty) to having the sudden outbreak, it made me think that it happens to even the best and beautiful of us. And I started laughing at myself!Anyway, you shouldn't worry, as bad as it is, it could be worse, and it's temporary - you will feel reincarnated after you feel clear again trust me.Good luck :)

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