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Day 16



So this whole initial breakout thing is honestly the most depressing thing ever, i've had acne on and off for 6 years, but this is bad. I just wanna stay in my house and not go ANYWHERE cause i'm so embarrassed about my skin. i knew this would be rough but, ugh, not this bad! and the worst thing is...none of my friends can really relate, all of them, perfect skin without even really having to do anything. it's just so frustrating.

I am curious though, for those on accutane or those that have been, how long did your initial breakout last!?


hi aggiespirit.....im just about finished with month 2 and around the 2nd week til the 4th week was the hardest for me. it was awful. not only did i have the breakouts but they were very red and slightly painful. hang in there! it's sooooo worth it. my skin now is very smooth and i've been pimple free for about two weeks now. i do still have the redness and the marks but its nice being able to run your hand over your face and not feel any bumps! good luck with the rest of your treatment.

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Thank you soo much! That's so comforting to hear!! I'm a verrryy optimistic person, but this is hard. I haven't had a morning yet where I haven't woken up with at least one new spot, and ditto on the hurting, a few of mine are a bit painful. I hope it starts working soon. THANKS!

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