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i almost forgot!



well i never told any of my friends i was on accutane.

let me restate that, i never intended to have my friends know i was taking accutane.

i may have mentioned this before, but when i first decided to take it, i left the booklet out at home and my friend found it. but that's just one person, and she's my bff. plus, it wasnt so bad. not at all. and throughout the last 6 months, at least she understood my obsession with aquaphor! (actually, although i explained it to her -"my body isn't prosucing any oil! i need to create my own moisturization!"- she still never quite got it. i guess you actually have to be the one with the chapped lips to understand).

but anyway... she was with her older brother and his friend one night, and they were both drunk (the two boys, not my friend) and for some reason they were talking about me... and they got into talking about my skin being clear. now, i wasnt present during all this or i would have quickly changed the subject, but the next day i was hanging out with all them. the two boys were still slightly drunk, and one says to me "hey... your face cleared up... high five."

so i awkwardly gave him a high five... then changed the subject :|

anyway i felt like sharing that. it's nice to hear good things about being clear, but i'm not really close to that kid. so i'm not sure how i felt about that. but oh well!


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