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Pains, Pains, Pains



Day 11, 23rd pill

30 mg twice a day


  • Well, not always, but it's is difficult for me to fall asleep. I used to go to bed around 10 to 11 with no probs, but now? im up and wide awake till probably 2 or 3. and I still manage to wake up around 7!! I feel like a zombi rest of the day.

    Joint and Muscle aches.
    • Gosh, I never knew walking up the stairs or studying can be so tough. My joints, especially my elbow shoulder and ankles are sore. I was holding up my head with my hands on a table while waiting for food and... OUCH! Also, sitting in class for many hours and coming home to study has been quite annoying. My lower back and neck has been getting annoying too. Dang.

      • Of course, dry lips.. Vaseline at night and Carmex during the day works. But my lips are still peeling. Argh. and the skin around my lips are still itchy. No more dry nose.. or it doesn't feel dry anymore. I might have gotten used to it. Dry face.. almost completely non-oily face! My face is flaking that it is hard to blend in liquid foundation. Dry skin and scalp. Some areas, not everywhere have been getting dry. My scalp has been itchy. Started using Head and Shoulders every other day.

My private area is dry as well. And it is hard for me to go to the bathroom (..#2 if you know what i mean). It's probably because of lack of water. hope I'm not grossing anyone out (:


Had some breakouts but nothing big. I have about 20+ active pimples right now. That sounds a lot but I used to be a lot worse. I'm getting alot around my chin and neck area. Not all but some are cystic.

All in all, all GOOD. No mood changes, but the lack of sleep is making me a bit irritable and sensitive. Any questions? I don't even know if anyone is finding this interesting. Lol. Oh well.

Bye, talk to you all soon.


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