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Meh...could be better.

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'



Today, it's really sunny outside, the wind feels good and the weather's fine. I really want to go out with some friends but my skin looks kinda bad...mostly because I pinched it last night.....ARG! :) I'm so fkiing stupid why do I do this??! My skin is hella fine then I can't help it, I just look for the smallest blakheads that doesn't even show that much on my face and pinch and pick on 'em t'il blood drips out. Ouch. Then, I have red spots all over my face. It's easily covered yep, but it feels just wrong and I simply give my face a break from makeup and try on any kind of masks to make them disappear faster... :dance:

So today, I'll just stay inside my house all day.... :|

For the better side, I've done a very awesome photoshoot last week ! My friend who wants to become a model (she's very tall and beautiful indeed) said that she wanted to create a portfolio to show to agencies. Since I'm very creative and I LOVE to take pictures I suggested myself to her as her photograph, YAY! I wish I could show you guys...the pictures are awesome! I photoshopped them and they really look professional. I did a portrait of my friend inspired by The Girl with a Pearl Earring, but more modern. It turned out really good... :(

Anyway, I guess I'll drink Green Tea all day, at least take some fresh air in my backyard..and Oh! btw, I did noticed a difference from not taking as much dairy foods and drinks as I used too. My skin did feel and looked better, but then I ate some chocolate chip cookies and couldn't resist a nice glass of milk...... :) And also, a milkshake yesterday. haha. My blackheads looks more apparent, and my face feels like...greasy, EW. haha. Now, I MUST stop drinking milk, eating ice cream and stuff like that... arg. It's hard...haha!

Anyway, I wish you all an awesome day !



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