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so today is day 5, i just took my second pill of the day. nothing too major has been happening, all the gunk out of my face is coming out and i have a lot of underground cysts. i'm guessing this is my initial breakout. my lips are chapped, but not severely yet. its kind of annoying but i can only imagine that things will get much drier from here...

i've been drinking soooo much water, its not even funny.

3 huge fiji bottles a day!

as for side effects, i havent really had any yet.

the first 3 days i had some minor headaches, and my back has been a little sore lately but it comes and goes. also, my appetite has been either completely gone or sometimes i get so hungry i feel like eating the world.

so far, being on accutane has been a piece of cake...knock on wooood!


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