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Hello everyone,

Here's my latest confession: I picked Friday night, and made it worse, so I spent all weekend at home trying to minimize the damage. People, if you can possibly control yourself, I have now proven to myself beyond any reasonable doubt that picking comedones that are under the skin surface just makes them worse. They get inflamed, infected and then scar worse. Sigh. Now if I could just control myself, I would make my life a lot easier.

Here are the gory details:

-My doryx prescription ran out on Tuesday (it was a 90 day prescription), and I"m not going to renew it because we are going to start trying for babies again in July. So by Friday I had 3 little areas on the right side of my face where I felt comedones under my skin (each area is about 1/3" in circumference, and every pore in that little area was filled with gunk under the skin). So I picked, and got the "gunk" out, but all 3 areas got inflamed and looked much worse after I picked than before. I'm an uncontrollable idiot.

-Saturday & Sunday I applied Dan's BP and then his AHA morning and night, and nothing else (no makeup, no hydroquinone).

-This morning everything had dried out, so now it's back to just scar & PIH control. I only put on the BP under my makeup (AHA is mildly irritating...only to be used at night or when not going out in public), and I don't look too bad today.

-So on the plus side, Dan's products rock. Nothing I've ever used works this fast or this gently.

-On the minus side I have new scars to deal with, and 1 new bump that appeared yesterday on my left lower cheek. This is a true pimple in it's early stages, not like the comedones I got Friday, but I'M NOT GOING TO TOUCH IT.

-My skin is still a little red & sensitive this morning so tonight I might repeat the BP & AHA treatment instead of getting back on the hydroquinone (which is more irritating to me than the AHA, and can't be used in conjunction with BP).

-My goal is to clear my skin as much as I can before I get pregnant so that I can limit my treatment to BP & AHA (and maybe BHA) and nothing else during the pregnancy.

Wish me luck! Good luck to all of you!


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