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Natural remedy for open acne wounds



Stubborn person that I am, I picked on my skin. There was no inflammation -- I just had seen a whitehead that I 'know' I could remove and help me get clear skin---WRONG!!! How many times do I have to tell myself to NOT TOUCH MY FACE? Apparently a lot--but I will keep telling myself this until I have it ingrained in me.

So that was 2 days back, next day, slight inflammation that didn't go full-blown, I had rushed to put BP, then jojoba and prayed like anything. I poked at it last night, and you guessed right, it wasn't yet flat.

So today was no good for me, was late and had a burgeoning zit on my forehead (YES, I PICKED AT MY FOREHEAD, DEAD EFFING CENTER--you want a bullseye, have a whack at it). Go straight home, sigh.

So I press at it again, to get the pus out, you understand, and proceeded to get an open wound. Talk about panic - I wanted to dry it out, flatten it out, but how? I put on BP and jojoba oil before dinner, all the while thinking, shayt, didn't work last night what makes me think it will work tonight? What to do? Got an idea...

TURMERIC, HONEY and CINNAMON. All have anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties and turmeric is also purported to help lighten scars. So I whip up a mixture of all three to make a paste. I was just going to put it on my zit, but I had made more than enough for one spot, so figured, why not put everything on my face? I do that and got another brainwave, why not put cling wrap to make some sort of mask? I put the wrap and cut out holes for my nose, mouth and eyes and took a nap - feeling a bit poorly, I get that way during my period.

After 2 hours, I wake up and wash it off my face. Swelling's gone down, skin's dried a bit to close and I only have a bit of yellow stain. So what to do about the regimen? Should I still do it tonight, but I might induce peeling and open the wound again. So I put only a bit of BP, avoiding the zit. Then apply jojoba oil straight to my face. Then (yes then) I open an evening primrose capsule and spread it all over my face. And lastly I apply Cetaphil, and no I don't think I have too much moisturizer on, you can never have enough, and at least it's nighttime anyways.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Wound completely flattened and on it's way to healing. Let's see.

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