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"I'm Back!" Said the girl, dripping oil on her keyboard...

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


Heyy! It's meh! and I'm back...

I'm sorry, It's been a while...Oh and the title is simply 'cause I curently have an olive oil mask haha....I leave it on my skin to hydrate it when it's on crisis...I only leave it for a little while because it does block your pores...haha.

So, I recently got a job, in a...kind of a Bath&Body boutique...they sell cute little beauty products and lotions...I like my job hehe. My skin isn't so bad now, I still rub a potato on my face (-_-) And it does reduce redness and scars! I slowly stop using Paula's choice products and It's been a while I didn't use my Clindamycin cream. I don't feel like I need it anymore and I'm kinda lazy...ha. When I'ts pay day I'm gonna buy Dan's BP...It have really good reviews and Paula's Choice BP feels like I don't get the wanted results with it, and my Clindamycin cream (Clindasol Cream) makes my skin really oily and shiny. It's summer time so, my skin tends to get oily and I don't need some cream making it even worse.

I was chatting with AcneCSMH, and here's a sample of her message:


if it werent for makeup we'd all be screwed i wonder how cavewomen dealt w. acne : P lol

haha, funny girl xD

But it's so true, I really wonder how people dealt with it in the 1700's or 600's or....in 1800. Did they have acne cream? was their acne as bad as it is today? did people really care at all if they had acne? haha. For my part, I believe that acne wasn't as bad as today. I mean, people were eating non-processed food, with no pesticides added and fake or chemical shit like that...they didn't wear heavy makeup and they spended they're time outside. And there was no really bad pollution at that time, and toxic shit in the air....I really believe that pollution and chemicals that we live with/in today contributes to worsen acne. I can be wrong, but that's just what I believe.

Anyway, I have another theory...haha.

Since I started working my skin gets better...?!? umm...okay, maybe it doesn't even makes sense haha....But I think it's simply because I'm so occupied I think less about how bad my skin is, I stopped spending my days stuck inside my house, looking in the mirror and pinching my skin. Where I work I sometimes get customers that have problems with acne / or acne scars and I love to give them my latest tips and tricks and reccomend them things we have in stock. Also, as a girl, I really rather see myself with makeup then without...and I used to spend my days all au naturel, sitting on my fat ass watching T.V all day and I was really depressed about how I look when I saw myself like that. Of course I'm gonna be depressed if I only spend my days like that doing nothing 'bout my acne and looking like shit. haha.

When I put on makeup my acne seems very less worse and I feel really better, that's where it leads to positive thinking (I'm pretty). haha told ya i'm a spiritual-optimistic person XD...! Then, I believe it all leads to make my skin better...Ha. Anyway...

I'm gonna go take off that olive oil mask....and may you all have an awesome day !



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