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Day 113



Mood: :|

Day: 113

I've read that month 3-4 is when you get dramatic results...I'm not sure about dramatic, but i'm not complaining! Every day my skin seems to be healing. I don't have any active pimples anymore...i've been 100% clear for about 2 days. My face feels really smooth, the red marks seems to be fading, but it's still noticeably red, my scars are still there, but it's been looking better. I hope it will fade with time...

While on accutane i've noticed my pores look bigger...i totally agree while on accutane you will look really bad. It does affect ur self esteem. But hang in there people....

There are so many people who doesn't judge a person by their skin. My family and friends around me have been great. They may not necessarily understand what you are going through but they keep you sane.

I went clubbing the other night and drank a lot....I have been drinking a beer here and there, but it's been awhile since i've actually drank till i felt tipsy. It was a surprise because i didnt' feel drunk at all...the next morning I had no hangover i felt perfectly fine. =))

As for the side effects, this far in, i've been getting knee pains....i feel a little throbbing before i go to bed, or sometimes when i'm sitting down. I try to forget about the pain...it usually works, haha. I got a scratch on my hand a few days ago and they're taking a long time to heal...it looks like a fresh scratch. I need my carmex, blistex, and aquaphor more than ever! My lips get soo dry...out of the 3 i like blistex the most. Anyways i've also been tryign to drink a lot of liquids...

I'm very excited to wake up every morning to see the changes to my skin. It's a gradual process but it's effective...

I can't wait till i'm done....i will be going on my 4th month soon!! Awesomeness.....


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