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going backwards



My face stings.

and burns.

and itches.


and it's hard not to scratch and touch it!!!!!

I've been eating so healthy and sticking to the regimen and I finished my antibiotics for the infection and it's only getting worse, it seems. The bumpiness is back, there are new whiteheads EVERYWHERE, the lump in my neck is still there, my pee is highlighter yellow (which is crazy because I literally drink 2 gallons of water a day and pee like 1,000 times a day)

I can't get any relief.

I've started taking 2 drops of oil of oregano to help fight of the bacteria and whatnot.

& I think the supplements like Zinc, Omega3, vitamin A etc are contributing to my bad skin because of all the gelatin and cellulose that are added...

I just feel like I need to clean out my colon really well and keep eating really healthy like I have, and I'll get better. I really feel like it has something to do with my colon or maybe it's something more serious because of all the other symptoms I've been having. God dammit, why can't I just feel better and look normal again?

fuuuuuuuuck this.


Aww. I'm sorry to here that! Hang in there! It will get better! I thought I was stuck with horrible skin forever... it took 6 long weeks to finally heal! You'll see you will be back to normal in no time! && I'm sure your pee is yellow b/c of the Bactrim. That's what the doctor told me. It made mine smell wierd too! Lol. =)

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I've been off of the antibiotics for a few days, that's why I was wondering. It's back to clear today, woohoo! :PThanks and I'm really happy your skin is clearing up for you. That's wonderful :)

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