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almost 8 months



So i have been switching up my routine. When i started it looked really good. But now, i dunno. I switched cleansers a few times to find one less drying. I have tried purpose, olay and cetaphil.

So far i like purpose and cetaphil, only b/c purpose is what first cleared me and it foams so i can tell if i washed there and i like cetaphil b/c it is gentle and doesnt leave my face tight after use. The olay was gentle and foamed but it didnt give provide any improvement. Cetaphil is the only one that doesnt leave my face tight.

I think i will be using purpose again.

I use dan's bp. I first was using proactiv and i don't really know if that worked better for me than dan's, but my face hasnt been as pretty since when i first started the regimen using proactiv bp.

The moisturizer has been the same. I have been using cetaphil, along with some sunscreens. I used jojoba oil with it but that didnt seem to help the flakiness or dry skin. I just bought the Cerave and used it tonite and i really like it b/c it isnt so greasy.

I am planning on buying some primer for my makeup b/c my makeup hasnt been going on so smoothly.

Right now i have a pimple next to my lip and a couple on my cheekbone. I also have a tiny one on my nose. Iam going to try not to let my hair touch my skin, and to make sure i wash my sheets and wash my face for tens seconds and apply everything very gently.

So far i like this regimen and how i dont get whiteheads. And none all around my cheek or forehead.

I will keep updating on how the cerave works. I may use proactiv bp again


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