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Unusual symptoms? What's going on?



Day 8, 17th pill

30 mg twice a day

I am kind of getting used to this stuff. Getting used to carrying around chapstick wherever i go, getting used to random joint sores.. For last lakers finals (yeah they won!!), i went out to a bar and had a glass of wine. Last night, i went out and had a shot of sake.. I am not sure if I should even be drinking on Accutane, but limiting my drinks to one glass and shot is ok I think. Let me know if you're on it and have drank or not drank.

Here are my symptoms for Week 1. Usual stuff, but some are not! Let me know if you had/have these problems too! Plz and thankq

Dry lips.

  • Obviously, my lips have been dry. They have flaked and using Vaseline and blistex has helped me a lot. I reapply every hour or so because without it, wow it's pretty uncomfortable.

    Dry nose.
    • My nose is not that bad! Actually, it doesn't really bother me at all. Some times I would feel stuffy but nope, it seems to have gotten better from two days ago when it was in the beginning and i am no longer bothered by it.

      Dry skin.
      • The dryness isn't so dry as my last blog post. Somehow.. it's become less flaky. For the last day I was really oily, but I think starting this morning my oil has lessened.. not to a point where there is a big difference, but there is less oil. Yay! Some areas on my body is getting a bit dry too.. and it can be itchy as well but nothing too bad. I still don't put lotion all over my body yet.

        • Initial breakouts have happened! but it is a mini! I am preparing for the worst and I have had about 5~10 new breakouts.. some are cysts but it is nothing too horrible. The pimples are a bit different though because they are hard. It is not the usual swollen, painful soft cystic pimples, but more hard, more pressurized(?) pimples.. it itches but hey, all pimples are like that.

          Joint pains.
          • I would get random soreness at the joints especially my wrist, elbow, and ankles. I was holding a baby for 5 minutes and i started to get so sore that my arm started to shake a bit. Also, I've been wearing heels for the last 4-5 years and am very comfortable in it, but I could not walk in heels more than 10 minutes last night! It is only my right ankle though. but it hurt!


        no change in mood. Hopefully never!

        Private area, down there.

        I think I am starting to get dry down there.. don't know if this is normal. and it is becoming sensitive.. in a bothersome way. fyi im a girl.

        Now.. Here are the unusual symptoms. Help me out if you know what's wrong! I am scared that I might be allergic, or something is going wrong...

        [*]itchyness of skin around lips, not red or anything but so itchy!

        [*]losing sleep.. can't go to sleep for the life of me!

        [*]dry throat, to a point i choke on my spit

        .. what's wrong? Is this normal?


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