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I made tinted carmex!



Haven't written here for a while because not much has happened really. My skin is still really dry, but being kept under control with moisturizers. My lips are still VERY dry, but being controlled with Carmex (my lips are never without a coating of this!!). And I still have not had a single pimple!

As the title says, I made tinted carmex today. I got a pot of carmex and stood it in boiling hot water for a while, then stirred (as it got soft) and added in some mineral pigment I had. I used a pigment called "Rose Gold" which is a lovely dusty pink with gold shimmer. The result is very subtle, but prettier looking lips. Well, prettier than just plain carmex anyway!

Things I'm hoping will happen soon:

  • my scars will fade
  • my tiny nose blackheads will fall out
  • my flakiness will reduce

I have noticed dry eyes over the last few days actually. Nothing too bad, but definitely a change. I've also had a bit of muscle soreness. Again, nothing too bad though :|


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