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Week 5 completed! (once again, a little late)



hey all! so I am sorry that once again I am updating my blog two days late, life has just been crazy busy for me! anyways! ahhhh acne! so things have been a little wierd for me in in regards to my skin. my skin is very red and irratated, as well as my cheeks which are pretty much covered in small red scars everywhere, are getting very rough and flaky like. everything is most definitly drying up, which is obviously a good sign! I am more excited than ever to get to the day where I can wake up, shower and not worry about covering my face in makeup! although, I do use amazing makeup than has never made me breakout (Bare Minerals), still! I hate having to fuss and worry about what my face looks like.

Condition of skin: my lips have never been so dry in my life...even though the intense amount of vitamin E oil or Burtsbees I use my lips still crack and slightly bleed everytime I smile. it's so ridiculous! skin is very dry, and every imperfection is very red and flaky!

hoping for better days!

ps, not saying that my advice is great and superior over anyone elses, but I am just throwing this out there that if any of you need ANY questions answered or adivce on accutane or whether or not you should start taking it, please message me or drop me a comment! I know exactly what it's like to struggle with severe acne, and than be faced with the difficult desision of whether or not to go on accutane! at the end of my four month go at accutane I will be uploading weekly pictures I have taken of my face, which are very detailed. I am just not comfortable enough yet to share these over the net! Anyways, please feel free to chat with me... I will most definitly try to help in any way I can :|

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hey i do have one question. okay so my 30 day waiting period is up on wednesday 6/9, and thats when il get the prescription for my blood work to go to the lab, but i was just wondering how long does it take to get the results back for an accutane blood test because i was hoping to start by friday.do you think it will be possible? or should i call my derm and ask to get the prescription for the blood test for monday so that i have more time. and does it matter if i get my blood work done before the 30 day waiting period?sorry this is alittle confusing. id appreciate any help though. im so nervous i am going to mess up the ipledgethanks

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