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now you're all gone, got your makeup on and you're not comin' back



My fiance is coming home in 7 days and we're going to finalize the marriage papers at the courthouse, so I'm gonna be married and moved away very soon!

Acne.org regimen day 8 or 9...and tomorrow's my last day of Keflex and Bactrim. I'm glad to get off those pills because they made me so itchy. Although, I'm praying that this continues to heal without medication. My skin is healing, slowly, but the scars and red marks are devastating.

I had a terrible skin picking episode last night and today. Long story short; pus, blood, scab, purple, swollen, ice pack. BUT I THINK I GOT ALL OF IT OUT!

...Don't skin pick, kids...

This past week I've been eating really healthy, lots of fruits and veggies and green smoothies. I'm going to keep it up. The skin AROUND my infection looks great (haha, so pathetic)...

Anyway, no one reads my blog but I still felt like updating.

I'm going to go to the doctor next week and try to get Spironolactone for my insane hormones. I'm excited.

I still need to figure out what makeup will work with my peeling, flaking, dry skin...

Dear God,

Please heal my infection by next Thursday.



Hey, I read your blog! :) Good luck with everything. As for scarring and red marks: I'm dealing with the latter myself, and I know, it's devastating, especially since the life of a redmark is like 5000135 times longer than the length of the zit itself. BUT IT WILL GO AWAY. And you'll be surprised, it really will. And, you can always get the scarring fixed. Don't give up, don't call it pathetic if you see ANY improvements in your skin. Hang in there! :)

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PS, my hormones are f-ed up too. My period came a week late for no reason whatsoever. WTF?? Do you exercise? I have found that it's helped me just feel better about everything. I recommend running!

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Wow, thank you! :) No, I haven't been exercising like I used to because I'm scared of the sun with all this BP on my face, haha. But I used to run every day and I definitely did see an improvement in myself. You know what, you just inspired me to go take a jog. Man, am I rusty! lol

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