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June 3rd



It's been a long time since I posted something here...I've been so busy with the end of the semester but now I'm on vacations so I'll continue updating my blog to keep track of my progress. My skin is far from perfect but has improved very much. I have a few pimples but my general complexion is nicer probably because of the retin-a, wich is supposed to be a miracle product. I started using retin-a on april 21st and put it on my face for 6 days straight (BIG MISTAKE)... My skin started to look like I was tanned, wich was not the case at all and a cosmetician told me (when I went to the drug store) that I should use a good mosturizer coz I was SO DRY. She even asked me if I was on Accutane! That night, when I tried to put retin-a again, my face got soooooooooooooooooo red and painful that I started crying and running dowstairs yelling at my mother who did'nt know what to do! She told me to wash this shit off and to put some cold humid tissu (with ice) on my face, just like if I was burned. That helped! I was in shock and I understood that retin-a is strong medication and that I should always make sure my skin is not too irritaded before putting it on. I then took a 3 days break and I started again but more carefully. I put it 2 days straight, then took a day off, then 3 days straight with a day off, then 4 days straight with a day off. (I can tell that I tolerate the product pretty good compared to many people on this site wich is good I guess). So I put retin-A: April 21,22,23,24,25,26 and then BIG PROBLEM then took a break and continue april 30, may 1st, 3,4,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14. Then I stopped cause I was having my second laser session on may 19th. My second laser session was much more painful than the first one wich may be due to retin-a or simply to the fact that I'm a big baby sometimes. I was very surprised to find out that my skin healed much much faster than the first time. What healed in a month last time healed in a week and a half this time! Retin-a is helping with the healing of the skin. I was able to start retin-A only 4 days after laser, this time mixed with a little bit of mosturizer. I put it on may 22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 and then I started to experience a burning sensation but not as bad as the first time so I listened to my skin and took a 2 days break this time. First time I put it 6 days in a row and burned, this time I put it 9 days in a row and burned a little little bit only. Now I'm on again for June 2d and 3rd (tonight)

I really noticed an improvement in the general appearance of my skin but the first 2-3 weeks were disgusting because I had a freaking huge breakout that left me with red spots in areas where I did'nt have acne, like my forehead...But they say that these pimples would have come out anyway but latter. Since I'm moving to another city in less than a month, I don't mind poping pimples right now while I study from home and don't see anybody anyway for now. I hope to be clear soon.

I also changed my routine since may 7th:


- Cleanser Proderm (anything soft without salicylic acid)

- Clindamycin

- Mosturizer Laorche-Posay or 211 from the Derm

- Benzoyl Peroxide every 2 days on pimples


- Cleanser Proderm (anything soft without salicylic acid)

- Waiting at least 30 min

- Retin-A (Just a thin film everywhere in the face and more on nose cause nose can take more)

I also continue taking 200 mg minocycline per day and Diane-35 without stopping! I must not discourage! If I'm able to do 2 weeks without stopping retin-a, I'll start put benzoyle peroxide more than every 2 days but since retin-a works more in the long run, I must priorize this instead of BP in case my face gets irritated.


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