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still got these spots to deal with although i dont have any new ones (hope i dont jinx it naw) anyways theyre really hurting!!!)

oh and the one that i had on my left cheek just at the top below my eye i think it was a cyst :) i tried to pop it but there was nothing to come out!! it was just really big and red and hurt. so i kept putting bp on which is really good because know theres no bump there at all that you can see only a massive red mark, but the thing is its UNDER my skin and i can feel it and it hurts when i touch (which i shouldnt be doing i know) but its just looks like one massive scar or whatever.


my skin feels worse. and looks worse (ive taken pictures just for my own reference)

although bp has been doing its job and has worked to calm my skin and get rid of other bumps, also its done its job for making my skin dry and flaky.

pffffffft i just hope i dont got any new ones.

+ left cheek i have two red spots and that scar one thats under my skin. (also red marks)

+ right cheek NEARLY clear : just i blackhead no active spots and few marks :dance:

im going out with my family in four days hopefully my left cheek will be calm by then and no new spots pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssee :|

i am going to continue using bp as thats always worked better for me than other products :) so hopefully i should clear soon


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