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So the Symptoms begin...



Day 5, 11th pill

30mg twice a day

I am guessing that day 5 is the day the symptoms begin because I am experiencing them today. Here are the ones I've noticed.

Dry lips.

  • It wasn't until yesterday that I started getting dryer lips. My lips aren't just dry, it is starting to flake and break. Ouch! But it is not too bad yet. It is kind of leathery.. I am preparing for the worst. I got blistex? (the red medicated one) and I use it with Carmex lip conditioner in those squeeze tubes. I try to put a lot at once so I don't have to reapply them, but it seems like my lips just soak it all up because in about an hour my lips are dry again.

    Dry nose.
    • It is not terrible yet either.. just beginning. I can already tell it will get worse. It feels like I have dry boogers (>.<) stuck all over my nose, if you know what I mean.

      Dry Skin.
      • My skin started to flake and get dry. The area around my nostrils are already pretty flaked.. I can see the lifted skin if I cross my eyes.. lol. The corners of my nostrils are getting sensitive. I try to put more moisturizer in that area.. but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice? Oh yeah I am still oily.. darn it!


    No serious initial breakouts yet. If anything, my acne kinda shrunk and got smaller. I still have some cystic acne on my neck where my chin folds into the top of my neck but.. no initial breakout yet.. But again, I think it'll come.. hopefully never.. but It'll come.. T-T

    ..those are about it.. no serious noticeable change in mood. hopefully never. that's the scariest part.

    Dear Lovethefreeworld,

    Thank you for your comment. It is nice to know that I am not alone! (:

    Glad to hear that you're starting next week. I know it takes quite a lot to get started on Accutane.. lots of lab work.. doctor visits.. etc. I felt like it took forever to start. It'll work out for both of us!

    p.s. Any of you who are interested, I am thinking about doing a blog on the prices of Accutane.. or Clavaris (the one I am taking).. and the insurance and stuff.. Let me know if you think that will be appropriate!


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