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Day 25: AHA research



Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out when to use AHA, and if it's bad in combination with hydroquinone, because I must confess: I haven't been really using any moisturizer since my skin got soft again (on Day 15, I think), but all recommendations say that I should, so I'm hoping the AHA will moisturize + exfoliate + clarify PIH.

(I've only continued using Dan's moisturizer on my neck & chest -which have COMPLETELY healed from any and all acne, thank the gods- but still feel like they need it).

The questions are specifically:

-Do I use AHA after hydroquinone at night? (BP with hydroquinone is contraindicated, according to the hydroquinone literature). Haven't dare to, because the hydroquinone seems to be working well by itself, and it has not dried my skin out yet.

-Do I use AHA after BP instead of moisturizer in the morning? Haven't dared to yet because a)my face hasn't felt like it's needed any extra moisture, b) MY PIH is too pronounced to avoid wearing the almay 0.5% salycylic acid makeup, and I'm afraid the AHA + the salycylic acid may irritate me (meaning all day I'll have to deal with an irritated face AT WORK!)

By the way, today I was running late, and I forgot to apply Dan's BP!! God I hope 1 day doesn't hurt me. I'm going to apply the BP tonight instead of the hydroquinone just in case.

-Note: I read somewhere on the message boards that Lily of the Desert 99% Organic Aloe Gel w/ Vit A, C, E (Whole Foods) works well to get rid of shiny oil from the AHA, which I do get from Dan's AHA when I've experimented with it in the daytime (without makeup).

If anybody knows about the AHA/Hydroquinone combo, please feel free to comment.

Thank you!


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