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My stupid sunblock!



:| My crazy stupid sunblock made my face break out terribly! I went on a shopping trip to an outside mall and put on Coppertone sensitive. I knew there was the possibility that It would cause a problem, but I had faith that since the bottle said "Non-Comedogenic especially for sensitive skin" it would be OK. WRONG! :) Now I have one horrible evil blemish above my lip!!!!!!!! It was there monday after the trip, but it was miniscule so I ignored it. As the week's gone on, it's turned into a nightmare. I'm indoors right now because I don't want anyone to think I have mouth Mersa or something. It's so stupid how I trust products sometimes. From now on I wont use anyting except stuff from the local Merchantile health store. Jeeze...this week even my legs gave me trouble. I tried a new lotion with oil of Jasmine in it. Lets just say that I had to wear jeans for a couple of days! And I also got asked to go to the swimming pool today but I cant go because my face looks like hell and I know cute guys that go to my local pool. FML


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