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It's been 4 days since I've started Claravis a.k.a. Isotretinoin or Accutane. I am on 30mg twice a day totaling my dosage to 60mg a day.

Before I get into how I am feeling on the drug, I think it's important for you to understand my history of acne and the specifics about my body so that it might make my experience more relatable to you.

Current Age: 21

Sex: female

Ethnicity: Asian

First signs of Acne: 12 or 13 years old

When it got bad: Maybe 3-4 years ago

Current weight: 105 lbs.

Height: 5'4"

Skin type: Oily

Current Skin:

*all these are active on my face right now

2 or 3 Cystic/Nodular acne (not too big though)

10+ Papules acne (inflamed, red pimples with no head)

5+ Pustules acne (inflamed pimples with white/yellow center.. one you want to squeeze)

and lots of white heads and blackheads

Lots of acne scars.. hyper-pigmentation.. etc.

Other treatments I've tried:

Proactive (no result only increased sensitivity and irritation of the eyes. Turns out I am highly sensitive to Benzoyl-Peroxide)

Herbal and tropical medication



Getting my Pimples squeezed out by a beautician

Zinc (oral)

... etc.

As you can see, its been a long battle with acne for me. I've tried a lot of different things and finally resorted to Accutane. Does my description fit any of yours?

I will write how the first 5 days on accutane has been for me tomorrow. Good night!

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Hi im starting next week, i had it for the same amount of time as you and mine recently got really bad im 20. Im set to start in a week. I'll be following your blog to read about your progressgood luck!

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