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update (jojoba, caster oil and diet improvement)



slipped up on diet this week though I am still eating more fruit and veg than ever.

I ordered salads at resteraunts rather than my usual carb ridden risottos but then I ordered desert too (anniversary... so meh)

anyway I have used caster oil mixed with jojoba (about 10% caster oil misture in jojoba oil) instead of a traditional wash.

Every morning and evenign I apply it over my chest, neck, face, shoulders and back then wash it off using warm (not hot) water and a clean flannel.

I have been doing this since 17th of may and I love it.

My skin is not clear yet but it looks clearer overall

it feels so much stronger and looks brighter

Skin is healing faster

its so much less greasey even at the end of the day.

I find that lying next to my boyfriend makes much less difference now I don't use normal shower gels to wash. I think this could be because I am not destroying the skins natural protective barrier with SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) anymore so his P-acnes are not able to board my kskin or something.

the rest of my skin is healthier and my legs don't itch anymore!!!!

I think my diet will be the path to clearing my skin but this cleaning method supports healing and definately shows the skins true nature without making ti worse with harsh cleansers.

When I first started I had a breakout but it has calmed down lots. Much better now that before I started it off.

Its only 2 weeks in so I will post more, (possibly including pics) when I have been doing this for a month, :|

another plus is that I am so much faster getting ready in the morning as my regimen is one step.

Its important to use a fresh town and flannel, change pj's and clothes every day and bed sheets weekly.


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