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whats going on..? (day 57)



Sorry, i haven't written an entry in like 20 days! Well, theres a lot thats happened.

First of all, after my cortisone pill (that didnt work) she started to question what was going on. So, she asked if i was using anything abrasive or harsh. Well, i said i was using a clarisonic. HOLY COW..that didn't make her happy! Apparently that just spreads bacteria and makes it so much worse! Thats why at day 57 im still not even clearing up mildly. :/

Anywho, she said it was a bacterial problem, (thats why i had huge whiteheads) and that i was going on an antibiotic and an antibacterial cream and i would go off accutane for a week.


when she told me i was basically doing everything wrong, i just sat there and cried. :dance:

and after that, she had to poke a couple really sore ones with a needle and send it off to the lab to see what was going on..omg, i felt like some sort of animal being tested on!

so i thought, this was fine, it was all going to get better from there. NOPE! i come back a week after, and nothing changed. she brought in the head dermo and he just looked at me confused and said this doesnt normally happen. (im a unique case i guess, lol) but he put me back on accutane thankfully but he did say he was going to "fix" me up. so i go into another room and i lay on a doctor table and he puts gloves on :) and i got a little scared! in like 3 seconds, he tore through the big guys on my face and put cortisone cream on them..wowwww! that really cleared them up! i got home like 30 minutes later (looked like i was shot because i had dried blood everywhere and gooey stuff all over) and i had normal skin color!! it was crazzy! i havent seen normal skin color in like a year !

so that was good, and lasted for about a week..and its pretty much stayed the same.

yesterday i just got like 4 huge ones. including 2 in the middle of my eyebrows! thats always good:/ thankfully, im off of school for the summer and i dont have to go in today. :))

sorry this is so long! i feel like i had to catch up though!

if anyone else is having the same troubles as me please comment! i feel like i have some idiot skin that doesn't respond to any medicine! its really frustrating because i look at blogs of people around 50 days (almost month 3!) and they're seeing improvement and clearing :|

wish me luck! its really hard to keep on keeping on, but i gotta keep my head up! i know it will get better, i just need patience (:

thanks for reading

♥ Lu

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good luck lu, i hope it gets better soon. im rooting for you. no one deserves acne, im starting in 5 days, and you're lucky your almost done!

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