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Day 12



Well still loads of spots and still loads of flaking...............

Actually saw the Derm today and got put on Predsinone (cant spell it) thank god the pain and inflamation was getting too much! I have been sitting with ice on my chin for days now and the pain was incredible. Anyway just really glad he actually prescribed me something rather than sent me hope telling me what did I expect! No change really just more and more spots. Funny thing is although I am dry I am also oily again on my nose which had dried up so I assume that is the oil coming out as the oil glands push it all away. Whats worse now is the itching down below - v. embarrassing so then I start itching and it seems to spread all over my body it's a viscious circle of itchiness lol.

Anyway I look gross and feel kinda gross aswell so I will just be glad when this breakout ends but I have a feeling I will be one of those unlucky ones who it goes on for like 3 months!

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Oh Coxy! I will get better, I promise! I'm glad you got the Prednisone. I've been on that, the mood swings were terrible. I was the biggest bitch ever. I hope that doesn't happen to you! I hope you get some relief soon. As far as the itching...everywhere, it really does dry you out EVERYWHERE. For real. Try picking up a personal lubricant and using that, it might help. I was warned by someone who's sister had been on Accutane and was prepared! Gawd, please let all of this be worth it, please!Things should start turning around for you here in another week or 2. Hang in there.

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