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Accutane Week 1 Day 8



Hey everyone,

My name is Grace and I hope to update and post the pictures of my accutane journey here on acne.org . I am a very shy person when it comes to my social life and about my skin. I have screamed and cried at ppl to get out of the room until I have had makeup on my face. Ever since my acne started in grade 10 I have blotted makeup to cover up everything (I guess it did it worse) My teen years were very rocky and rollercoaster like and to be on the honor roll, studying and keeping up with afterschool activities, I lived a VERY stressful life... And now that I am 20, I just dont have time to wear makeup! and I envy all those clearskinned ppl who do not have to wear a spec at all!! :) For me to be able to post this blog is a big step up especially when i break down and cry everytime a person sees me without makeup. I feel like the ugliest girl around! I feel my self confidence is missing from life and socially too...

My acne?

I have had my fair share of acne cysts and it has been enough time for it to persist! I have tried everything from minecyclin to topical ointments such as retin A, proactive and so forth and so on.. you know... the basic stuff... So it has come to this... Accutane, often reffered to the last resort. I was once afraid to go on accutane and now that my acne and scarring still remains, I will fight for (and hopefully) a last battle. Hopefully accutane is THE answer!

Week 1

So far I have been on this for 8 days 60 mg a day.. but right now Im on 40mg a day because my pharmacist screwed it up and now needs clarification from my derm that it was 60.. umm? wierdd i know. But Im sure they will give me more so I am back to my regular dosage.

Anyway I think these are the basics for this blog...

Side Effects:

- Dry lips (Aquaphor is definitely a BIG help!)

- Worsens my Eczema on my hands...

- Dry skin all over my body

- My skin is less oily than it used to be, and it used to be VERY oily.


- Very dry skin!!!

- Peeling

How do i feel?:

- I still feel like crap about my skin and my own beauty but I am determined to get through this! I Know i am a beautiful girl behind the acne and scarring :| I am very fortunate to not be suffering depression or feel any need for suicide attempt. Some people say it "changes you" But i feel the same :) I am lucky it did not affect me.. at least i hope it doesnt in the future too anyway! phewww =D

Anyway.. untill next week.. pictures will be posted too!!


Recommended Comments

We are the same exact person, i agree and feel everything you just said. Im 20 also and feel like i shouldnt have acne any more and I dont put any on when i go out and try to convince my self my skin is okay and then when i see a mirror i want to dissapear. All of my friends have beautiful skin and i feel like such a monster. My mom thinks iv lost it cause i have gone out the past 3 weeks. Im really depressed about it lately. Anyway, I have my fingers crossed for you and will follow up on your progress.. Keep writing, it gives me hope to read other people's blogs as i wait for my turn to start. My 30 day waiting period is over in 7 days, I'll be checking in to see how your doingBest of luck to you grace.

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