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Day 66



So guy I have been off of accutane for about 4 days now. Not because I'm clear, or because my liver enzymes are too high but they said that my blood results showed that I'm one week pregnant! I ASSURE YOU THIS IS NOT THE CASE. They immediately gave me a urine test at my monthly appointment and surely it was negative. They interrogated me for about 10 minutes if I was sexually active and I scoffed a bit because I'm totally abstinent. Yeah but until I get another blood test they can not prescribe more medication. Sucks because apparently you can't get a blood test the next day because it is to back-to-back and so I'll be getting it sometime today or tomorrow since Sat-Sun-Mon they are closed (due to Memorial Day). So I'll be on it again by Tuesday :|.

On brighter note they say it stays in your system for quite awhile after the last pill you took, so I will still continue to consider the days without me taking the pills as days that I took them. Also for my next month my derm lowered my dose from 60 to 40 mg because of the headaches, back pain, rashes, and etc. I'm kind of glad and uneasy. Glad because my side effects will decrease and uneasy because what if it would be more effective with a higher dosage? Ehh, I think I'll be fine.

Also I'm still having a crazy breakout like no other. I of course asked my derm he said it was totally normal, common that some people breakout in between 2 - 3 months randomly. He gave me some topicals called Aczone and told me not to freak out because I'm on track and everything is fine. It's hard to stay positive when my acne was never this bad to begin with. It's so horrid to look at the mirror. I barely had crazy cysts only during the week of my period but omg I have cysts all over the sides of my chin and the sides of my cheeks that accumulate everyday since 2 weeks ago, but it's slowwly getting better with the cream he gave me.

Also my lips are way less dry lately it's great. :)

and two more days of school until the summer!


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