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5 weeks on differin

Sydney Girl


Officially had enough of differin. My face is WRECKED!! Seriously OVER IT!! My face is scarred, red, sore and gross. Decided to take a rest from chemicals. All I'm going to wash my face with for a few days is warm water. then move to cleansing with Cetaphil cleanser and see how that goes. I never use to have pimples and all i use to put on my skin was moisturizer. See how I go. Got to be better then how I'm feeling now.

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Maybe you have really sensitive skin and that causes the breakouts? I know that I always thought I had actual acne, But I realized that the chemicals in certain products were the cause. So I switched to natural witch Hazel astringent and left all of the damaging and drying acne products out. I'll only use a spot treatment every once in a while when I have a breakout. And I use an organic scent and dye free lotion. Hope this helps...good luck!

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