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My sunburn is fading, thank GOD! But my face is still very red and irritated right now, almost inflamed. It itches and looks almost like a rash. It's been a struggle every single night to fall asleep.

Today is day 4 on my anti-folliculitis/acne breakout journey.

Still on Bactrim, twice a day.

Still popping 4 Keflex a day. (500mg) [bUT I'M NOT SURE HOW LONG I'M SUPPOSED TO WAIT IN BETWEEN PILLS]

Still following the Acne.Org DKR, as precise as humanly possible.

I started taking 60mg of Zinc today and I'm going to see how much it helps over the next few weeks. Anyway, I need to purchase some more fish oil pills too, I just ran out yesterday. I read that Chromium is also good for fighting breakouts. Hmm.

I can't wait until the Keflex and Bactrim prescription is over with. I hate that I'm taking 6 antibiotics a day. My body needs a break.

I'm going to start making green smoothies tomorrow, for breakfast. Yummmmm :|

& I'm trying to stay positive, but it's really hard when I look into the mirror and see this mess on my face. I haven't left the house in nearly a week because I'm afraid to be seen by ANYONE, plus my skin is ULTRA sensitive to sunlight right now. I should probably still attempt to live a normal life, but I don't want to do anything until I see some results. I know this is horrible thinking. My fiance is still in the hospital in Washington so there's not much motivation to leave the house right now.


....I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be happy.

Hakuna Matata, right?


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