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Hello and introduction to my acne treatment trial!



Hello everyone!

I am about to start a new weekly blog to let you all know about my experience with a new acne product, Lumie Clear, a light therapy treatment and potential alternative to creams and prescriptions for treating mild-moderate acne (www.lumie.com).

I have just started trialing it and Im going to keep you updated as to how it goes, so that you can hopefully get some unbiased info as to whether it works -at RRP £149 its not cheap, but if it works, I think its 100% worth paying for lovely clear skin.

About me: Not to bore you, but so you know a bit about me; I am an avid fashion/ makeup junkie, and love trying new products. I do however have pretty bad skin. I am 25 and still do not go a day without some form of spots/ clusters on my face (I thought Id grow out of it- no such luck so far!). If I could change anything about myself it would be my skin- Id be totally happy to go makeup-less if only I had clear skin, but unfortunately I would never dare bare without makeup as my skin is currently. (Even my boyfriend of 4 years has never seen me sans cover up! Good effort huh?)

I've tried every lotion and potion going, so Im now desperate to find a solution to get to the point where I can go skin-naked...and thats where Lumie comes in! A different form of acne treatment, the hand held light therapy device kills bacteria and reduces inflamation.

Ive been offered the chance to trial it for 12 weeks (after which you should see 'significant improvement!) and Im going to blog about how I get on- let you guys know whether this works for me.

Week 1 Results:

Ive been using the Lumie light therapy for a week now for 15 minutes every evening. You have to use it for a minimum of 15 minutes a day (longer if you hold it further away from treatment area), and as my main problem is spot clusters round my chin, Ive been concentrating it here.

One thing I would say is that if you hold the device up close to treatment area to minimise the amount of time you need to treat it, the treatment area is relatively small, so you can only really target small areas at a time unless you increase treatment time and hold it further away.

Its completely painless (slightly warm which feels nice!), but you do have to wear bright yellow goggles which look kind of funny if you think the light might shine directly in your eyes.

Results so far? Well Im pretty sure Im not getting many (any?) new spots since ive started using it. The redness seems to be less too. I think its too early to judge so far (think you start to get noticeable results at 4 weeks), but Im really hopeful this might be a solution for my never ending battle with spots!

Hope this helps you guys out there suffering like me! I'll keep you posted!




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