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B5: day 52



Home for 2 weeks already!

The first week was harsh. I couldn't confont my family. I didn't want to attend any social events. I was bascially in isolation, except I couldn't with all my loved ones around me. But gradually, I accepted myself for who I am and I told my sister about my concerns. Also, as my face is improving day by day, I'm feeling positive about this as time goes by.

In terms of my skin, it IS having progress, but again, slow progress. My face is NOT OILY at all now that I'm home with dry weather! I'm still doing my regimen, with B5 4 pills a time, 4 times a day plus peeling. I don't have any newly formed pimples for a long time (with B5 & dry weather), but I'm still dealing with the persistent number of cysts that would never go away for months! I booked an appointment with the derm and hopefully he'll give me another injection to take care of those cysts. Meanwhile, I continued with differin on those cysts and I think it IS helping a lot! I do tend to touch and focus a lot on my cysts (bad habit) but recently, I do feel that the cysts are subsiding!

Oh btw, that weird white bump is NOT going away. It was a small bump and now it is harder but flatter. I'm thinking it might be another cyst? In any event, I'm going to consult my derm next week and I'll update you all.


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