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In the Beginning.

yeah huh


Hey Everyone,

First I think it's really neat to have a community like this because ACNE is the worse thing EVER and it's nice to know that your not alone.

I've been on and off this website for a while and just decided to join and share my experience and future experiences. I've had acne ever since I was 13 and have gone through my ups and downs with it. When I was about 16 I went to this horrible derm. who constantly picked at my face (worse pain I've ever felt) and it became so severe... she tried using dry ice on my face to stop the acne. Anyways, after a few months of hell with her I ended up switching derms and she never touched my face but just gave me antibiotics and told me to use Vivant. My acne healed after. When I had that severe break out, it was on my forehead. I usually get acne on my forehead, temples, and chin. But never as severe as when I was 16.

After about 2 years of Vivant, I felt like my acne was coming back so I started using Proactive. After about a year of proactive, I started to have some random breakouts again and decided to go back to Vivant. Throughout this whole time I've been have mild-moderate acne. I've really never had perfect skin.

Throughout this past year, I've done a lot of traveling to other countries and I started to break out again. After a bunch of googling, I started using Head and Shoulders. I was tired of spending tons of money on products so I gave it a shot. It really dried out my skin but I felt like it was working! For once i had really super clear skin! Then I heard all the great reviews about jojoba oil and I felt that it would help moisturize my skin. So then I started to use that as well. 2 months later, I am super depressed. I broke out like CRAZY all over my cheeks! It really does look like it's infected. Here's my time line:

September 23- Started using H&S on mild-moderate acne

October 9- Started Jojoba Oil

October 16- My face looked amazing! Best I've ever seen it! (so sad i miss it so much)

November 1- Face downer! Acne started to accumulate around the cheeks

Throughout this time I was moving back and fourth from H&S and Vivant but still using jojoba oil.

November 26- Stopped using H&S completely and stuck with Vivant.

December 28- Stopped using Jojoba completely because it was getting WORSE. Moderate to severe acne.

January 21- Stopped using Vivant and started with DK's Regime. I feel that DK's Regime is working.... slowly....

I also think it's because my cheeks are just soooooo irritated! With the H&S, people were saying to rub it in for 30 seconds.. and my vivant has little scrubs in it. I do like how DK's is so gentle on the skin. Less than 10 seconds of lather? No way.

February 9- Went to another derm. She injected my face with anti-inflam. stuff (felt like botox) she also gave me epiduo to use and now I am on monocycline 100mg taken once a day for 30 days. (I don't really want to use Epiduo because of the reviews so I'm sticking to treatment for now)

I usually am anti meds but I'm so tired and depressed about this acne I want it to go away now. I also moved from California to Hawaii (before I was in Florida). I don't blame it on the weather tho (even tho it could be). I'm also in the sun and water all the time because it's part of my job so I guess that doesn't help my acne either (but I was doing it in florida and my acne was mild). I've never had acne on my cheeks like this before and it looks like a lot of people's cheeks who went on accutane. Makes me want to try accutane. I've had this, what I like to describe as severe acne, for about 2 months now and hoping Dan the Man will clear it up.

My regime is DK's Regime. I also use Neutrogena SPF 70 (spray kind) on my face while I'm at work. And I use Bare Essentials as makeup (even tho it comes off as soon as I step in the water...)

When I have the confidence too, I'll post some pictures up of my progress. I've been taking some throughout the regime. Sometimes I feel like it's working.. then I wake up the next morning and that one friend ends up inviting 5 more friends to the party. Blah. Anyways, I'm 24 and female.

Thanks for reading!


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