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O, NO! I didn't wear any sunscreen today and my face is as red as this guy's >> :| It hurts so much. I was only outside for FIVE minutes because I was trying to get my dog to come back inside the house. Crap. :)

Anyway, it's day 3 on the regimen and on my folliculitis medication and I'm seeing ....subtle improvement. I'm also going to start eating cleaner like I used to (more fruits & vegetables, less dairy, and of course I rarely ever eat meat so that's not hard to cut out). And I'm trying to just take it easy with stress, because I know my hormones are out of whack. I haven't had my period in over 5 weeks and I know for sure that I'm not pregnant.

My skin has been so ITCHYYYYYY. I just want to rip my face off right now.

& Wow. This sunburn isn't helping.


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