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Day 26



Sorry i havent been on for a while. Extra busy. And well there still isnt much to report on. The flakeyness has really gone down THANK GOD. But my face is still dry and im putting lotion on after i get out of the shower. My hair is also signifigantly less gressy which is a huge plus. I used to absolutely have to take a shower every day but now i can every other day if i wanna :| My lips are really really dry still so i have to put on chapstick a rediculous ammount.

I went canoeing about a week ago and my arms got super burnt so im pretty sure i am a little more sensitive to the sun but i am also extreamly fair. So i dont think the extra extra sensitivity will stop me from tanning. i will probably just not tan alot.

Uhmm something new is that my skin seems extra fragile. I have to admit that i do still pick at my face alot. i cant help it :) but the last few times ive broken the skin super easily and then it scabbs and ill prolly get even more scars... so im really trying to stop.

Ill probably talk to you guys nnext week. Im going out of town this weekend for my birthday!! :) ttyl


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