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Say NO to Milk!

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'



I really want to stop any dairy intake. Now's the time since I'm motivated :) (For once)...

I really want to see if it actually haves an impact on my skin, for the better. This morning I started by not adding milk in my daily cup-a-coffee :) . Well that's a start! haha.

Even if my skin is not at it's best, Am pretty happy today :| . I just got a phone call from the health & beauty store where I've applied; that they are very satisfied with my job interview last day. and they want to see me another time! (And yes, I went even tough I looked like sh*t, hehe.)

ALSO!....I'm still using the potato treatment, and I noticed it's anti-inflammatory properties really are taking effect! it does soothes my skin...WHAT?! haha...yer.

I wish you all a good day!


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