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Paula,I LOVE u!

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'



So, before I am going to crash on my big bum and watch Asian Horror all day (another rainy day, you know...), I want to talk about the only products that managed to control my acne...Paula's Choice products.

Oay, These products are AMAZING! I even found comments on her Website from customers saying it's as powerful as Accutane! 0_o ? :

(On her 2% BHA solution)

People, use this use this use this! I am 40 with dry skin, but battle awful cystic breakouts. Using this in combination with the Blemish Fighting Solution has SERIOUSLY tamed my acne. And I have tried everything - even Accutane. Use it faithfully, and you will be very thankful that you did!!!


Yeah, I was very skeptic. I bought these products, my whole freakin' face depends on these !!

And all I can say is my acne was never the same....in a good way. I used to get big red bumps and cysts, mostly on my nose area, but I never get those again. Sure I get the occasional pimples, but I can tell that my acne is greatly controlled.

My favorite is her "CLEAR Extra Strength Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner" (long, huh?)

Here what it claims:

•Silky, toner-like liquid leaves skin refreshed, soothed, and clarified

•Quickly unclogs pores to clear stubborn acne and blackheads

•Exfoliates skin and dramatically decreases redness for glowing, even-toned results

•Ongoing use guarantees stubborn blemishes won't be a problem

•Makes the inflammation and redness from acne a distant memory

•Kills acne-causing bacteria

•100% fragrance- and colorant-free ; effective pH range of 3.2–3.6

•Same great formula as our 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid

•Contains 2% Salicylic Acid


And all her products are alcohol,fragrance & colorant-free. It really did the trick for my very sensitive skin.

Anyway, all that to say it really saved my skin, I'm just mad I haven't find out about those earlier... :| haha. Paula also offers a great range of non-comedogenic and oil-free makeup products and foundations. Seriously, if I didn't found these my skin would be like a hundread times worse! ha... I love you Paula! :)



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