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Didn't sleep all night...did affect my skin.

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'



So...I just woke up. I forgot to take my medication yesterday couldn't sleep all night. I have Insomnia. And when I don't get enough sleep not only do I feel like crap but it really does show on my skin. When you sleep your skin is most active and repair itself. Your beauty sleep is very important. And I hate it because It's always when my skin looks the baddest that I can't sleep and I feel like my acne treatment didn't work its best & my skin is as irritated as the night I pinched it...

When my skin is very bad, I just drink plenty of water before going to bed at like 7pm haha.

Last night I didn''t used my ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Toner...I added lemon juice to it wich made my skin worse !! ARG! stupid me!....I heard there's an allergy to lemons that gives you rashes...and I did have a rash and more pimples...maybe just a coincidence or maybe I'm just Paranoid...haha, but I don't wanna take any chance. Plus, let's say my apple cider vinegar is not the most natural and contains lots of fake stuff and conservatives... There's just the Green Tea in it wich I think actually aided my skin but I was kinda nervous when I read somewhere that something in it actually makes your skin produce more oil...not sure about this one but still....Yikes.

My skin now depends on Paula's Choice products and a Potato....hum....


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