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Day 17



Day 17: Two and a half weeks into the first month of treatment!

I feel that I have finally gotten past the initial excitement/apprehension of starting this major medication.

As far as side effects - I tend to have blood in my nose - but not an actual bloody nose. I have very little dry/peeling skin on my face - and is usually on my chin or under my nose area. Besides my scalp being itchy - I think that more hair has been falling out- which really scares me. I have rather fine hair - and it is a little on the thin side as it is, so I am not sure if this medication is making more then normal hair fall out, or if I just happen to be paying attention to every little strand that falls out and freaking out about it. My hair does seem thinner to me then it was before, but perhaps I am psyching myself out...? *sign* I could be experiencing a lot worse side effects, so I should be happy - but I seriously don't want to get thinner hair from these meds!

As far as the acne - haven't noticed a real difference yet. I am still getting the different types of acne - the cysts, whiteheads, and blackheads. Still picking at my skin... I actually had a couple days where I only got one small new pimple a day - but the other day, I had another explosion of five or six new spots on my face.

I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! Of course I am moving on Saturday, and working Memorial day, but regardless, ready to go out and get some drinks Friday night!


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You're so lucky you're not flaking/peeling much! This morning I could peel off the skin under my nose, like peeling after a sunburn! Gross. I'm a picker too, which I know is soooo bad and leaves nasty scars. I have the bloody nose too, but just when I blow it. Today is the first day since my initial breakout that my skin looks clearer, so things are turning around! I hope they are for you too. Have you noticed that your pimples are healing faster?

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Hi Guys,I am also glad its the weekend - god this week has dragged like you wouldn't believe, I am also a picker - oops! That has been that hardest thing this week actually, I am so used to jumping up out of bed each morning and inspecting my face to see what gross erruptions have happened overnight, that it has become a morning ritual. Anyway I am desperately not picking as I am scared the scars will be hideous if I do - mind you there is no way on earth I am going to work with whiteheads all over my face it just aint happening! I try to steralize a pin and just prick the surface when it is really yellow and press rather than dig my nails/fingers in making everything worse (sorry to be gross).Anyway I see we are all in the same boat at the point - keep going girles

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