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My experience with Vitamin E oil

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


:| This entry is based on what I'VE experienced while trying out vitamin E oil, it might still be different for you :)

Okay...Vitamin E...scar miracle?; Maybe so...Increase breakouts? MAYBE SO...In fact; didn't work for me...Let me explain:

This was months ago. Because of my "Damn I have a Zit!!! Must Destroy!!!" Picking habits, multiple red spots were left on my cheeks and chin. My skin was almost cleared out of pimples but these scars wouldn't leave. I was desperate to find something that would fade them away. Surfing on the internet, I found articles talking about multiple scar lightening natural treatments, but one that was most given props for was Vitamin E.

At first I tought it was crazy to put on oil on an already oily and acne prone face, but I gave it a try anyway. I bought a bottle of 800 IU vitamin e pills and pop them with a needle then apply it to my face. Every night I did this for about 2 weeks and my skin was brighter, smoother and I really did noticed my scars started to fade! I was amazed! :)

Months passed, I was still using this treatment even if my skin started to break out. I tought it was just a normal hormonal breakout and it would go away...I also noticed that my pores seemed bigger and darker. Mostly on my nose. My scars were really almost gone but I started to break out like crazy! when Summer came I packed my things and went to my aunt's house to see my cousin in New Brunswick. that night I noticed I forgot to pack my vitamin e pills. Too bad. I spent 1 month there, and I swear, my skin was doing better ! Coincidence? or was it really because I stopped applying vitamin E?...

When I finally came back I started using vitamin E oil again. And guess what? I broke out! and my pores were glogged like hell! I immediatly stopped using it for good.

Maybe thats just because I have a really sensitive skin, or because I'm allergic to it, I'll never know for sure...All I know is that it sure works for scars, but not for acne. I guess since it's Oil, it obviously blocks your pores.

So that's it for this Entry! I hope it helps you decide on wether or not you should use vitamin E oil!


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I used to use Vitamin E oil as well, about a year ago. At first it was working, and I didn't experience any adverse effects. But one night, I guess I applied too much or something, and the corners of my lips and eyes broke out in little rash/cold sore bumps...of course now, I only take vitamin E by mouth.

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