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The Beginning



I just got my products in the mail yesterday. I ordered the BP treatment AHA+ and jojoba oil. I didn't buy the cleanser or moisturizer because I have a cleanser and a moisturizer I bought previously that I really like (and it was expensive so I don't want to waste it). After using it yesterday morning & night, when I woke up this morning I thought I could see a slight improvement. Which was a good feeling for me:). It's easier to keep sticking with it if you see changes. I know, that it's not everyday that I'll see an improvement, but it's a bonus when I do. Everything is good, no bad reactions or mega dryness yet, but my face does look greasy. That's all for now!


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I look forward to maybe try out Dan's pruducts, so I will keep track of your blog:) . Hope it works out good for you! Good luck!

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