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Acne: Skin Deep...

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


I had acne since I was 12 years old. I've always hated myself but on top of that I got acne! So guess what...I hated myself even more. I put on makeup to embelish myself, make myself look more err...presentable. You can tell I don't have that much confidence. But now, makeup is simply my life saver, my mask, all my confidence depends on a tiny bottle of foundation. I know ; Really Bad bad thing... :) . In fact, my worst fear is for anyone to see me without makeup; because makeup make me seem flawless, I don't want to disappoint anyone when they would see my true face. :( It's a very vicious circle ; You want to hide your acne, so you put on foundation and makeup that actually makes your acne worse and blocks your pores. I started crying, cutting myself, missing primary school, became very aggressive. It was a tough period, nothing seem to work against my pimples, so I simply had to deal with it the best I could. Growing up, my skin seemed to improve but when that tought crossed my mind it would be worse the next day. I remember, the first anti-acne treatment I used was Proactiv. It worked on my sister's skin, so why not on Me? :dance: ...Bad idea. It actually wokred for a while, then my skin became worse. Dry itchy skin, red spots, my skin was bright red ...it did remove some of my zits but it would always come back. Next up : Murad. This thing doesn't even deserve me to write about...all I'm gonna say is....This thing is SH*T, Big time. :) Today, My skin is almost saved because of Paula's Choice products, wich I'm gonna blog about later...But all I wanna say is, Acne is more than just about your skin. It affects your confidence, your moral, your mind, your emotions, your social....It's more serious than it seems. When you have bad breakouts, make sure your supported by people you love and you trust. I would probalbly end up crazy if my mom wasn't there to support me, comfort me when I cried, mad about my skin. (Love you Mom :| ) . Please, be strong and don't let your acne control you and your life.

Have a nice day!



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