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Holy Nosebleeds!!!!! Day 89



Christ!!!!! I woke up twice last night choking and drowning in my own blood!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm being extremely dramatic :) . I felt the nosebleeds begin, and I was able to get up before I made a mess :|

I've been slacking on swishing Vaseline in my nostrils before bed. I guess I'll have to start again. My face is doing pretty good. I have 2 maybe 3 in the healing process. I just have a lot of hyperpimentation to get rid of. Lips are still really dry. Sometimes I wake up and I have these tiny whiteheads on my nose. I know its gross, but I sort of run my fingernail over these white things and they come right out :dance: But then I notice my pores look huge after I do that. Like little holes in my nose :)

Not sure if I told you guys I started 40mg twice a day last month. I went to see my Derm on Saturday. He says that my skin has come a long way. He says that I'm progressing faster than he expected. He kept me on the 40mg twice a day. Oh, my blood work is looking perfect as well.

Along with the Accutane, I was spot treating random pimples with BP. I feel like it just made me break out more. So, for now, I've been washing with Neutragena daily scrub, and moisturizing with Cetaphil hydrating lotion. Oh, and I stick with Blistex for the lips. It works well enough for me.

I also have been developing these dry patches on my arms. I dry to keep it moisturized, but sometimes it still gets itchy even with my moisturizer. I keep forgetting to mention it at my derm appointment.

I also have minor aches when I wake up in the morning, and when I have to go up the first flight of stairs at work. But other than that, I seem to be ok. I'll try to post some pictures in my gallery tonight.

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping your heads up.


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