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Day 8



Uuugh couldn't even write my blog yesterday as felt kinda down in myself, skin very sore and scabby and still breaking out!

Anyway today I thought I would list my positives/negatives so far:


Hair not greasy at the roots like normal

Eyelids and skin overall not greasy like before


Breakout is still happening and very painful to touch and crusty and scabby

Head starting to itch

Nose bleeding slightly inside (not helped by the hayfever season)

Can't really wear make up as looks ridiculous when trying to cover the scabby dry areas.

It's just really hard to deal with the dryness and spots in the same area as part of me wants to use the aquaphor but then I am reading such conflicting reports on whether it can clog the pores or not so am going to stick with what the Dutch Derm has given me which is a special type of vaseline cream I can use on my face - I would hope that whatever he prescribed me wasn't going to cause more spots!!!!!!

Anyway don't want to be at work today so trying to keep positive which is hard when my face is so itchy and sore :|


Well, with my personal experience anything Vaseline is kind of smothering to skin. Which can't be good for acne. Vaseline is petroleum jelly and petoleum is a by product from oil drilling. You know something is bad when one of the few things that will dissolve it is turpentine.

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Have you tried Neosporin yet? That's what I've been using on my pimples, and it does't seem to be making them any worse. Things are healing faster, the longer I'm on the Claravis. I don't always trust what the dermatologist gives me, because about a month and a half ago my derm prescribed a topical antibacterial that had alcohol in it! Never, ever should you put alcohol on your skin. It damages it and inhibits healing. My derm did say use a mineral or oil free makeup, and an oil free lotion when I asked what I should be using while I'm on the Claravis.

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Thanks chick I will try and get some of that stuff online I think as it;s not something I have heard of!

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